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John is fantastic.  We hired him to take Guardian Angel to the next level.  Initially, John led us through a strategic planning process that focused our sales, marketing, R&D, finance and operations efforts on achieving stretch but attainable goals necessary to build the company.  Then, he "got his hands dirty" and executed the plan with us.  For example we worked together in sales to increase our permanent distribution at retail from several hundred to nearly ten thousand stores in less than one year including Safeway, Albertsons, Kroger and  Rite-Aid.
Evan Singer - founder and V.P. Sales, Guardian Angel Holdings, Inc.

John joined us at PowBar in the fall of 1999, just before the energy snack industry began to consolidate.  PowerBar was the clear industry leader, but was struggling to grow further, was not sufficiently profitable and the founders wanted help developing an effective strategic plan.  As our new SVP, John was able to bring fresh thinking to the table, and to quickly assess the market alternatives.  Most importantly, John was able to help the founders come to a well considered decision to sell the company at a critical time.  During the sales process, John added crediblity to the team's presentations to potential buyers and helped to convince them of PowerBar's future potential.  As a result, we sold PowerBar to Nestle for a huge premium, and the founders and other equity investors were extremely pleased with the outcome.  Nestle asked John to remain with the company through a transition, which he did, although it was was not a requirement of the deal for him to do so.  John has an innate ability to work effectively with others on complex problems and in challenging situations- with entrepreneurs, corporate staff, sales and operations teams, and customers.  He is a strong leader, and I would enjoy working with him again. 
David Cooper - Former C.F.O. of PowerBar

John joined us as interim C.E.O. during a very difficult transitional period.
He quickly assessed the situation, designed a new marketing and launch strategy and set quantifiable objectives to measure our results.   Most importantly, he was able to achieve these objectives and get all the key management players "on board" with the new plan.  His leadership was invaluable in getting the company on track.
Kevin Rains - C.F.O., Wabi, Inc.

John is an extrememly exprerienced and creative Consumer Products Sales and Marketing executive, with exceptional facilitation skills.  He has in depth experience in Business Strategy, Brand Building, Mergers & Acquisitions, Turnarounds, Channel Strategy, Pricing, Promotions, and Sales Force management.  In all his efforts, John is extremely good at leading a diverse group of people, properly recognizing everyone's ideas, and then getting the team to develop pragmatic action plans that support the team's mission.  He puts strong emphasis on keeping strategies and tactics clear, focused on what is really important, and understandable by everyone in the organization.
Kent F. Brooks - Retired Partner, Accenture

I have known and worked with and around John for over 20 years.   His performance has always been exceptional.  When I was the Senior Sales Officer at Clorox, we always assigned John to the toughest and most entrepreneurial positions knowing that he would seek innovative and creative ways and means of making the particular business operationally effective and capable of maximizing profitability.  He works very well with people, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and putting them in situations where they can not only be productive for the firm but also be able to personally grow and flourish. John is particularly strong in turnaround situations that require strategic thinking, planning and aggressive actions.
Glynn M. Phillips - Retired E.V.P Del Monte, Inc.; Retired V.P. Sales, The Clorox Co., Inc.


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